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Dress Blues, K-Cups 12 cups

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Item #: 22 Category: Dark Roast Coffee

Dress Blues K-Cups: Quick Deployment for Your Taste Buds. This Ain’t Your Drill Sergeant’s Latte

Not all heroes wear capes; some just sip on Dress Blues Premium Dark Roast and when you're in the trenches of a long day, Dress Blues K-Cups are your rapid-response brew, ready to serve. Infusing the distinguished flavors of our Premium Dark Roast with its authentic Bali Blue Moon beans into the convenient world of K-Cups, we've made sure that every pod delivers the same meticulous blend, with the same robust impact.

With every sip, experience an invigorating blend that's as fearless as our military heroes, yet as smooth as a well-executed operation. Dive deep into the dark richness, with hints of dark chocolate and vanilla, and let it remind you of the unmatched camaraderie shared over a cup during those early briefings.

  • Swift and Steady: Get your fix without the wait. Slide, brew, and sip in mere minutes
  • Freshness Sealed: With our air-tight packaging, freshness is locked in until you're ready to dive into your cup
  • Premium quality Bali Blue Moon beans for a rich taste
  • Rich Flavor Profile: Dive into dark chocolate depths with subtle vanilla undertones
  • Salutes to Simplicity: Easy to brew; perfect for both rookies and seasoned coffee veterans

Tired of the mess and time-consuming ritual of traditional brewing? Let Dress Blues K-Cups streamline your coffee ops. Stay mission-ready and keep your mess hall (or kitchen) clean. Dress Blues isn't just coffee, it's a mission in flavor.

100% Organic & Fair Trade
100% American Roasted in Texas

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