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Special Ops K-Cups 12 cups

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Item #: 19 Category: Dark Roast Coffee

Special Ops Dark Roast K-Cup Adventure: Because "Average" is for Other People!

Had enough of the tedious wait for your morning brew? We get it; not everyone has time to go full-on barista when the caffeine cravings hit. Meet Special Ops Coffee K-Cups, the audacious drink for those who dare to be different.

Forget the mundane - this brew's got the guts to match your glory. It’s coffee with a swagger, a dash of bravado, and a taste that’ll slap your taste buds awake. Why blend in when you can stand out

Crafted for the discerning palate, this brew is the epitome of flavor, strength, and quality promising a robust journey of flavor.

  • Instant Awesomeness: No need for grinding, measuring, or waiting. Just pop it in and enjoy
  • Same Bold Flavor: It's our signature audacious taste, now in a ridiculously easy format
  • Premium Quality Beans: Only the finest selection, for a brew that stands out
  • Universal Crowd-Pleaser: Loved by coffee hipsters, sofa generals, and almost everyone in between
  • Brewed with Attitude: For those who wear their quirks on their sleeve

Perfect for those who believe life's too short for bad coffee and long brew times. Once you go Special Ops, there's no turning back.

100% Organic & Fair Trade
100% American Roasted in Texas

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