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Heavy Artillery High Caffeine 8 oz

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Item #: 1 Category: Light Roast Coffee

For Those Who Like Their Coffee with a High-Octane Kick
Coffee with character, charisma, and a pinch of chaos

Say goodbye to that wimpy brown water you've been guzzling and say hello to the true commander of wakefulness! Heavy Artillery High Caffeine Light Roast Coffee is here to mock those other timid brews. Laden with an unapologetic caffeine boost and an audacious flavor, prepare to be caffeinated like never before.

This coffee is for those who crave that extra kick. Made from select beans, meticulously roasted, it promises not only a flavor explosion but also an energy surge that keeps you on your toes.

  • Caffeine levels that'll make your eyebrows raise
  • Delicately light-roasted to maintain an uplifting taste
  • Crafted for caffeine lovers, embraced by all coffee enthusiasts
  • Zero compromise on flavor despite its caffeine dominance
  • The perfect fuel for those long days and spirited adventures

Tired of the same ol' sippy-sip? Crank your caffeine game up a notch (or ten). Our coffee doesn't play nice – it plays bold. For those moments when ordinary coffee just won't cut it, dive into our high-caffeine roast!

100% Organic & Fair Trade
100% American Roasted in Texas

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