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Pumpkin Blast K-Cups 12 cups

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Item #: 23 Category: Medium Roast Coffee

Pumpkin Spice in a K-Cup Punch – Not Your Grandma's Brew!

Meet Pumpkin Blast Medium Roast in K-Cups. It’s like giving your coffee routine a wild facelift without the mess or drama.

Here's the lowdown: our Pumpkin Blast isn't playing around. It’s the mischievous mix of pumpkin spice with a coffee kick you didn't know you needed. It’s like the cool cousin of that bland pumpkin latte everyone won't stop talking about. Take a sip and unleash a taste bud fiesta!

Immerse yourself in an expert blend that's been crafted to perfection – a playful mix of pumpkin spice and that rich coffee kick you love.

  • K-Cup'pin: Forget the grinding, measuring, or any of that fancy barista nonsense. Pop, press, and gulp!
  • Expertly crafted medium roast blend - because life's too short for weak coffee
  • Infused with genuine pumpkin spice flavor
  • Perfect for every coffee moment – no matter the mission
  • A brew that stands out, capturing the heart of both coffee aficionados and heroes alike
  • Premium quality beans ensuring consistent taste every time

Tired of the same ol' pumpkin yawn-fest? Our Pumpkin Blast is here, stomping on the mundane, and inviting you to the wild side of coffee town. If you’ve got the guts, dive in. But be warned: once you go Blast, you never go back!

100% Organic & Fair Trade
100% American Roasted in Texas

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