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Heavy Artillery

For Those Who Like Their Coffee with a High-Octane Kick! High Caffeine – Start Your Day With A BOOM!

The Flavor Brigade: Watermelon, Coffee & Honey, Reporting for Duty!

Commander's Choice: Our Frontline Favorites

Battle-Tested, American Made

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Don't Let Bland Flavors Sabotage Your Day

Ever felt like your mornings are more of a drill than a delight? You brew a cup of generic coffee, but it lacks that punch. Your spoon dips into a jar of store-bought honey, but it's missing that authentic sweetness. And those supermarket watermelons? Let's just say they're not winning any medals for flavor.

Abandon that tasteless routine and join forces with Watermelon Army. Our command center in Houston, Texas, is buzzing with action to bring you the highest quality veteran coffee, pure raw honey, and fresh watermelons.

Why settle for less when you can enlist the best?

Elevate Your Taste Game

Choosing Watermelon Army isn't just about enjoying high-quality coffee, raw honey, and fresh watermelons; it's about embracing a lifestyle that commands excellence and honors the warrior spirit in all of us. With each purchase, you're not just satisfying your taste buds—you're elevating your daily operations.

Java Recon

Don't just wake up; report for duty with our veteran coffee. Roasted and ground locally by our special ops flavor team, each cup is your morning briefing for conquering the day ahead. Consider it your basic training for life, but without the push-ups.

Beekeepers Brigade

No need for external reinforcements; we harvest our own pure raw honey by our in-house beekeeping division from rescue bees that we relocate whose primary source is the Tallow tree in Dickinson, TX. This isn't just honey; it's liquid gold from a military-grade operation.

Tactical Hydration

Our watermelons are your field rations for daily life. Hand-picked by us and rich in essential vitamins and nutrients, use them to maintain peak performance, whether you're stationed in Houston or navigating a weekend visit to the in-laws.

Stay Connected

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