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About Watermelon Army

From the Battlefield to the Farm – Picked with care, brewed with love, served with pride: This is Watermelon Army

In a world flooded with ordinary flavors and factory-made fare, enter the ranks of the Watermelon Army! Embark on a flavor mission, serving up coffee that commands attention, honey that's salute-worthy, and watermelons that'll have you rallying for more.

The History & Our Founding

The Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 presented a challenge to the peace and continuity of the United States. President Washington responded by assembling a militia of 13,000 Countrymen from PA, NJ, MD and VA to quell the rebellion. This force was given the moniker "The Watermelon Army" by the Whiskey Rebels. The Watermelon Army was successful in its task to quell the rebellion by its size and absolute love and respect for President Washington without confrontation.

226 years later in May of 2020, amongst much discontent across the United States, two U.S. Army veterans created an army whose goal is to quell the discontent through the enjoyment of sweet watermelon across the land.

With a spirit of togetherness out of love and respect for our countrymen, we bring you the sweet stuff of the Watermelon Army.

From Battlefields to Flavor Frontlines

Before our inception, we were soldiers, dedicated to serving our nation. Our passion for quality and flavor led us to a new mission post-retirement: to bring the freshest coffee, honey, and seasonal watermelons to every American household. Our roots are in the military, but our heart lies in providing exceptional tastes that ignite memories and create new ones.

To Our Customers: The Taste Troopers and Flavor Fanatics

Whether you're fueling up for your daily grind, seeking the sweet embrace of natural honey, or longing for the juiciness of fresh watermelon, we've got your six. Our products are crafted for discerning individuals who have an insatiable appetite for authenticity. These are the troops who deeply understand and appreciate the essence of locally-sourced ingredients and take great pleasure in savoring flavors that not only tickle the taste buds but also resonate with their very soul.

Coffee that Commands, Honey that Honors, Watermelons that Wow

We aren't just another brand on the block. We take pride in our military precision when it comes to flavor and quality. Our coffee? Ground with precision to ensure every cup is a call to attention. Our honey? A tribute to nature's purest flavors, locally sourced to preserve its richness. And our watermelons? Handpicked at their peak because we settle for nothing less than the best.

Our Founder CSM Eric Cabello

Behind every successful mission is a visionary leader. For us, that leader is Eric Cabello. A strategist who knows the importance of every detail, a commander who recognizes the worth of every member, and above all, a watermelon enthusiast who understands the subtleties of flavors and textures who personally handpicks the best from local Texas farms, ensuring we don't just provide products, but an experience. Every one of our products has his stamp of approval.

His journey from serving the nation in the military to serving delectable watermelon treats, freshly-ground coffee beans, and locally-sourced honey is filled with tales of perseverance, innovation, and an undying love for quality.

Eric's legacy, built over decades, ensures that the Watermelon Army's flag flies high. He isn't just our founder; he's the heart and soul, ensuring that every bite, every sip, is a journey worth embarking upon.

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