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Top 16 oz

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Item #: 10 Category: Medium Roast Coffee

This Brew's Got More Punch Than Your Drill Sergeant's Shouts

Top Medium Roast Coffee is here to give you that kick in the fatigues you didn't know you needed. Forget your rank, this brew is the real Full-Bird Java. It's got enough gusto to stir up memories of boot camp, minus the muddy crawls and angry yelling.

With a taste as robust as tales of courage and camaraderie, each sip serves up a delightful balance. This brew's got your six.

  • Medium roast, but with attitude. Lots of it
  • Steers clear of the bland and the boring
  • Perfectly balanced – not too strong, not too mild
  • Brewed using premium beans for consistent quality

Top isn’t for the faint of heart or taste buds. Don't just take our word for it, let your taste buds do the marching. Drink responsibly (or don't – we're not your CO).

100% Organic & Fair Trade
100% American Roasted in Texas

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